Everything Golden is vintage bohemian for the outdoor women, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of vintage clothing and handcrafted accessories.


Why Handmade + Vintage?


Because we believe beauty is deeper than simply a visual quality — it comes from history and creative process. Whether it is a serendipitous vintage find that allows you to imagine another time and space, or a handmade treasure where you can feel the intention behind the creation, here is where the joy lies. In addition, vintage clothing and handmade goods are truly unique and offer integrity and quality that mass produced goods can not. 


About the Makers...


MARIAH GOLDEN PALMER is the creator of Everything Golden. She grew up in beautiful Sun Valley, ID exploring the wilderness. Both of her parents were craftspeople and instilled in her a creative spirit which brought her to study Clothing, Textiles and Design at the University of Idaho. Since then she has been experimenting with; graphic design, photography, metalsmithing, textile design and style. Her jewelry and hand dyed scarves are created in her studio in the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture located in Bozeman, Montana. An outdoor woman to the core, she finds her inspiration in the solace of the mountains.



TAMMY TIRANASAR moved to NYC from Miami to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her fashion background includes graduating from Columbia University, starting her own line of clothing and studying pattern making at FIT. She also explored various textile techniques such as spinning and natural dyeing with plant dyes. Along the way she played around with macrame after coming across some vintage 70s craft books. The macrame experiments developed quite unexpectedly into a jewelry collection. After a fair amount of soul searching she realized that her hand knotted jewelry really brought together all her technical skills and passion as an artist and designer. Her necklaces are all handmade in NYC with organic intuitive emotion.


Jyumoku 2.jpg

JYUMOKU is the state of being conscious of your surroundings and the impact of your actions on it. Created by Ted Galvez, each piece is crafted from recycled and salvaged goods, re-purposed materials are given new life once again. Details from each of the re-purposed materials are then carefully taken and incorporated into every construction making each item upon itself unique, like in nature. Each piece is handcrafted in California, USA.



SHWOOD began as a simple experiment with nature. Founded in a small garage, the first pair was nothing more than a whittled-down tree limb, rusty cabinet hinges, and lenses from a thrift store. It was an endeavor with design, material, and aesthetic aimed at encompassing the individuality and uniqueness found only in natural surroundings. The result was a product that redefined eyewear as something that can be truly appreciated as one of a kind. Shwood sunglasses are all handcrafted in Portland, OR with a manufacturing process that merges precision technology with classic skilled craftsmanship to create a timeless art form.


pigment project.jpg

THE PIGMENT PROJECT is a collection of hand loomed beaded jewelry inspired by the shapes and colors around Montana. Created by Jessica & Jillian,  each piece is made from a loom designed and built by Jessica's late father. He made the loom for Jessica when she was just a kid, and one rainy day in 2012 she dusted off the loom and put it to work again. Although the looming process is slower on this beautiful loom, they enjoy being able to craft on something with special meaning.  All items are handmade in Helena, MT, using quality materials. 



ERIN CONSIDINE is a New York-based artist and third-generation craftsperson who was first exposed to the art of metalwork in 2001 at North Carolina's Penland School of Craft. Intrigued by the seemingly endless possibilities of the material, Considine went on to focus on Metals, Small Scale Sculpture and Sustainability at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. After re-locating to New York, she launched her sustainably-minded line in 2009, merging her skill as a metalsmith and a life-long passion for fiber.

By marrying two such diverse materials, Erin is able to continuously experiment with technique and form. Her natural-dye baths make use of ingredients like madder root, logwood and onion skin. Her metal forms are mined from the dregs of industrialism- whether it be by repurposing dead-stock jewelry findings or sculpting models inspired by the antique metier. Her commitment to sustainability ensures that almost every step of the production process is completed by hand in New York, primarily by Erin herself. 


SHELTER is a thoughtful design firm founded by Karie and Rob. Currently they specialize in leather and textile handbags, cabins, leather work, home design/build and more. 

With a focus on local and sustainably produced materials whenever possible, Shelter's intention is to design and create sturdy, well made, and beautiful work that will last a long time. 

Born out of the green mountains of Vermont from a love of wild foraging and the need for a backpack to collect their goodies, Shelter now resides and creates in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC. 



FERN LOUISE RITCHIE grew up in a small town in Canada and began crafting at a young age. She went on to study Textile Design at Sheridan College in Ontario. A true outdoor woman, she has spent many summers as an Outward Bound instructor; canoeing, hiking and connecting with her wild and playful spirit. She is endlessly inspired by nature and loves working with natural fibers and found/recycled materials. Her work is all one of a kind and made with love and positive intention. Her long list of creative talents include; knitting, sewing, dyeing, felting, painting, collaging and drawing. She is also a model and muse for the Everything Golden woman.