The way my grandma dresses expresses the way she conducts her life and how she interacts with the world — with great care.

She most likely has never spent a day in her pajamas. For her, a new day is always a blessing and is met with a walk first thing — rain or shine. No matter what the day has in store for her, she will get dressed with great attention to detail and creativity. I see this as an offering, a ritual that puts her directly in touch with the world and the infinite possibilities of any given day. She always takes great care of herself, mind body and soul (sometimes stubbornly so) and because of this, she is able to offer so much to her community and family.

I always enjoy our shopping trips, she will even brave a grungy thrift store with me in my search for vintage gems. She has always been patient with all my weird requests and is thoughtful with her guidance. I’ll never forget the time she showed me how to roll up the sleeves of my denim jacket, this discovery made me feel so cool.

Her dress is always immaculate with an air of playfulness. My style is definitely a sloppier version of hers, I most certainly have spent many days in my pajamas, but her ritual of great care and expression is woven into my style and is a way of being that I strive for. I am infinitely grateful for her.