Maybe it’s the hazy desert scene
with a vintage lens
that gives this movie
a subtle creepy feeling.

There is no gore
or dramatic loud motions
to startle the system.

It’s an underlying feeling
blanketing the entire scene.

I enter this scene
in the safety of the dream world—
the place where I can enter the fear and grief
and be present with it
long enough to understand
something new.

The spirit of fear shape-shifts from
bear to spider, ominous to protective.
My fear and medicine.

Finally, I surrender in the open field
and enter a silent mode of reception.
I give thanks to the spirit of fear,
for everything it teaches me.
I feel the gratitude permeate my entire being.

As soon as I open this portal, fear loses its grip.

I grab my things and hightail it out of there,
just in case fear changes its mind.

Maybe next time I’ll stay longer.

— Mariah

(image source unknown)